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Living Rhinebeck Magazine

We love Rhinebeck & our entire region.
It's that love which inspired this publication.

And our supporters who made it possible.

Dear Friends,

Living Rhinebeck just celebrated its EIGHTH birthday! That milestone, of course, would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors, an awesome team of talented colleagues, and the countless people who've graciously welcomed us into their homes, hearts, and lives to allow us the great privilege of interviewing them and sharing their stories! And, of course - we are likewise infinitely grateful to readers like YOU for carving out a little time each month to learn more about your Northern Dutchess County neighbors. Since inception, our ultimate goal has been to cultivate the human-to-human connections that keep our small-town spirit strong and foster a sense of belonging for everyone. Every read of every article has supported that mission! THANK YOU
When we were first invited to consider this publishing opportunity, we were in the midst of raising our wonderful sons Dylan and Christian (who turn 21 and 19 in July!), working full-time on our businesses, and engaging in volunteer commitments, among other priorities. But - like everything in life, by simply saying "YES" and adding Living Rhinebeck to the mix - which was a TOTAL leap of faith - we've enjoyed a beautiful, meaningful journey that has helped us learn, grow, discover, and - yes, as interviewers - even hone our listening skills too (always a big win, in ALL areas of life!).

So, our "8th birthday" WISH is that you, too, say "YES" to those unexpected surprises in life - even (and especially) the ones that feel quite a bit out of your comfort zone. No doubt it'll lead to all kinds of gifts you never imagined - just as this experience has done for us.

Our dance cards have become super-full (in joyful ways), yet again, at this juncture in our lives - and we are ready to make some space to say "YES" to new adventures. For that reason we are now stepping away from our roles as publishers of our beloved Living Rhinebeck magazine, but look forward to seeing how the next chapters in this publication's story take shape in the years to come. And we're VERY confident that your new publisher, Maureen Gates (of Sharp Images Photographic; she's been our magazine photographer since we first launched) and her content coordinator, Vincent Nugent (longtime writer for Living Rhinebeck and former Rhinebeck HS AP English teacher/drama club director), will make the next era even better!

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for giving us the extraordinary personal and professional honor of stewarding stories throughout the course of our 97 printed issues! It's been truly awesome - and we will miss doing this work for sure.

Please stay in touch; visit the websites of our other business ventures for our contact info:

Cale Communications

Estuary Coaching

Enjoy the wonder of Hudson Valley summer days; hope to see you around our sweet little village soon!


Be well and be kind,

Marybeth and Tom Cale

June 2024


​Past Living Rhinebeck Covers/Featured Community Members

Cover photos by Maureen Gates, Sharp Images Photographic

It has been an honor and a privilege to share the stories of these families and neighbors with our larger community for eight years! We've enjoyed the many hours spent putting this publication together and the wonderful people we've met in the process. Thank you to all of our sponsors and readers, and here's the the future of Living Rhinebeck!

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