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Leadership Development

Professional + personal coaching and workshops.

“I am so happy I hired Marybeth as my executive coach. She has helped me gain clarity and the confidence to manage my workload far more efficiently. Marybeth’s coaching skills and business acumen have generated immediate results to my wealth management practice.” - Michael, New Jersey


“Run, do not walk, to one of Marybeth’s seminars. Not only are they incredibly insightful, thought-provoking and applicable in real-world situations, but they are downright fun. If Marybeth can get a room full of people engaged in conversation in the evening after work, where a common refrain is “…time to go already?”, then I assure you something unique is going on.”-Tom Lenahan, Digital Media Manager, Radio Woodstock


Get started on individual coaching, or to take advantage of one of our workshops or online learning options.

What you can expect from leadership development sessions and workshops with Certified Life Coach Marybeth Cale:

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  • Clarity on professional and personal goals, as well as action plans to meet and exceed desired outcomes

  • Improved ability to confidently communicate with colleagues, clients, and community

  • Development of stronger business skills, such as work/life alignment, public speaking, networking, sales, time management, public relations, and leadership

  • Healthier work-life alignment

  • Stress reduction and resolution of conflicts

  • A safe space to explore exactly what you want and how you are going to get there

  • Convenient coaching calls and webinars that accommodate your schedule

  • Support, motivation and someone to keep you on track with what you/your team are setting out to accomplishments

Group Workshop Topics

  • Assertiveness and Self-Confidence

  • The Art of Effective Communication

  • Board Development

  • Body Language Basics

  • Creating an Exceptional Client Experience

  • Designing Your Life

  • Infusing Your Workplace with Fun and Innovation

  • Leading with Vision and Purpose

  • Media and Public Relations​

  • Networking

  • Public Speaking​

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Time Management

  • Work-Life Alignment

  • Youth Confidence + Empowerment Workshops

“Marybeth is excellent!  Her workshop on networking and business development was a huge hit with our employees. The information was clear and concise and expertly delivered with Marybeth’s unique brand of warmth and candor.  We look forward to having her back for future trainings"
-Gordon Cruikshank, Kirchhoff Construction Management

“Marybeth Cale is a dynamic and energetic speaker who motivates her audience. She engages the crowd and has infectious enthusiasm”
-Lydia Higgingson, Deputy Director, Dutchess County Tourism

"Working with a life coach has been extremely beneficial in designing personal and professional goals, setting priorities, and taking action toward a more fulfilling life.  Marybeth has been a wonderful catalyst in my personal growth. With her optimistic, encouraging, and gentle support, I am emboldened to take on new and greater challenges. She is a terrific coach, and it is a gift to have her as a tour-guide in life's journey."  
-Amanda K., North Carolina

“Marybeth did an outstanding job facilitating a sales training course for our members. She connected with them individually and as a group, providing strong and specific guidance with tips on identifying, discussing and closing the deal. Our participating members were overwhelmingly satisfied with her instruction, making this a worthwhile and beneficial event.”
​-Frank Castella, Jr., President and CEO, Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce


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